Dear Readers,

Welcome to Boxing Literature. This is website has been constructed to provide long form reports on the sport of boxing. Part of the reason behind me venturing into boxing writing was to satisfy a desire to write prose on a topic I am passionate about. I also decided to take up writing as I wanted to fill in a gap in coverage of the sport. I have long been dissatisfied but the lack of quality when it comes to sporting literature on boxing. There are all too many poorly written pieces out there in the online age, not to mention the tidal wave of ignorance that floats as commentary on the sea of social media. The sport doesn’t help itself as fans are all too often exposed to low-brow altercations that make it more akin to theatre than the gentlemanly sport it really is.
I try to post as much opinion as I can as opposed to just fight reports. I reside in Tokyo and so much of my coverage offers an insight into the sport of boxing in the land of the rising sun. I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to get in touch via the contact section in the menu.

Rishad Marquardt

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